about us

about Arg3nt

Arg3nt was created by a young entrepreneur who has been involved in entrepreneurship from an early age and has now started his own clothing brand since 2023. He wants to inspire people to work hard for your dreams. If you really want to achieve something, you can, but you have to take action. “You learn by trial and error, by doing and making mistakes.” If you don't try it won't work out, so if you have a dream go for it

How the logo came about

The Arg3nt logo came about because the owner of Arg3nt wanted to make a t-shirt with the first letter of his girlfriend's name. a simple letter “A” was too boring for him and he decided to make the letter a as the logo can now be seen.

What does Arg3nt stand for?

After designing the logo, the owner of Arg3nt had the idea to make more t-shirts. of course a name had to be invented for the clothing. Arg3nt comes from the French word l'argent which means “money”. The biggest goal of most entrepreneurs is to make a lot of money, so the founder of Arg3nt has been involved in entrepreneurship since he was a child, trying to make a living, hence the name Arg3nt, which is pronounced in English. And this is how Arg3nt became a clothing brand.